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OUR 3rd Annual SEEDS Campaign- 2021...

We are a community of small farmers farming in Ayiti that struggles to save seeeds for sustainable practices. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew destroyed our country farmlands, livestocks and our seed bank. We haven't been able to replenishe our 'Seeds Bank'. Our goal is to hopefully start to save indigeneous seeds again. We hope you will come along with us by supporting us in anyway you can.

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March 20, 2021
11:16pm Eastern Time


  • We have 102 Families
  • All together 320 people
  • In 2020, we harvested 5 X the amount we purchased
  • Any surplus, were sold at the opened market,
  • and we saved for the planting season which start in August
  • Last year, we barted with a herbalist and held two workshops on identiying and using Medicinal Plants from our own garden. We found our community had no cases of SAR-COvid-19

In 2018, we launched our ' 1st SEEDS Campaign and here is what the farmers had to say.

  1. Charles Bénite who is shirtless, and perplexed as to where he will get seeds.
  2. Vergila explained that they were "thirsty" for the seeds project.
  3. Big guy clearly connect with his environment stated that 'we will be waiting for the rain'.
  4. Friztner is responsible for purchas seeds. He eloquently stated that he hopes for the continuos support & he is cognizant that other nearby community may need similar support.

April 17, 2020, BWB blessed the farmers with a large donation for our "2nd SEEDS Campaign", and we were able to purchase 400lbs of indigeneous seeds.

In spite, of the world calamity and uprising, We distributed seeds to all members of the Assosyason Payiszan Anba MòN. (APAM), and our harvest was plentiful in May of 2020.

Friztner Jean Pierre continues to lead and he states...

"Today, I have an active role, of being accountable for purchasing, distributing and engaging with all the farmers to ensure a good harvest."

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