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What Happened to the Goats?

In 2016, after Hurricane Matthew devastated the farming community in Haiti. You, gifted 8 goats to the remote farmers of Anba MòN. Today, we have over 70+ goats!

Showcasing Anba MòN Timeline-2016-2021

February 28, 2021
12:00am Eastern Time

Virtual Time Line (2016-2021):

  • 1st Goat Fundraising-2016
  • 2nd Gift Giving Campaign-2018
  • Seeds Campaign- 2018
  • Vocational Training school- 2019
  • 3 Women start up Businesses- 2020
  • Summer Cammp- 2020
  • Medicinal Plant Workshops-2020
  • Chicken Coops-2020

Founder: Dr. Yaa Élombé

I am a co-creator, a humanitarian representative, and a social entrepreneur. I am passionate about social justice. I have been co-creating with leaders of a remote farming community in my country Haiti, since 2016.

Anba MòN is a self-led, self-organized grassroots organization in a remote village .

Anba Mòn (literally translate to mean "Under The Mountain).

I am able to go to the remote areas where the big funders aren’t able to reach or desire to go and making small impact.

Li'l Joshua guiding his kid!

OUR MISSION: is to develop people to be free and independent.

(To do good deeds that improves the lives of the collective, through the individuals, the community and as it is extended to the world)

OUR VISION: To see Anba MòN Healthy and Thriving

OUR WISDOM: To serve in the concentric circle of the larger communities.

I am committed to improving this farming community long-term.

I would like your help in my giving goal.

I am in!

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